Saturday, 2 March 2013

Overview of sharing sessions

I. Instructional Purpose

a. Topic Enduring Understandings

1. Communication is power.
2. Communication is dynamic.

b. Topic Essential Questions

1.     Does communication empower or disempower?
3.     Is communication dynamic?
I. Instructional Purpose
a. Unit Enduring Understandings
Learners will understand that
1. Communication is driven by context of culture and situation.
2. Effective questions is power.
ci. Knowledge
Learners will know …
i) The different types of questioning models and methods (Bloom Taxonomy and Socratic Questioning)
ii) The context for using a particular type of question
cii. Skills
Learners will be able to …

i) Craft questions pertaining to their subjects
i) Learners will use the 5 ws and H as a start to craft cue questions.

ICT (be specific)
Learners will be able to …
i) Use Photobooth to verbalise the questions according to the context given in the performance task.

Applied Learning
(Describe predominant facet(s) of applied learning)
· Engaging the learner as co-constructor of knowledge and meaning (Active and Relevant)
· Learning by doing and experiencing (Active and Relevant)
· Developing multi-modal ways of learning (Authentic)
· Honouring student talents and interests (Learner-centered)
· Developing dispositions for learning while learning (Learner-centered)
· Uncovering the heart of disciplines through inquiry (Process-focused)
b. Unit Essential Questions
  1. What makes communication effective? In whose opinion?
2. How does questions impact our teaching?  
d. Linkage to Goals and Outcomes (10Cs):
(be specific – state the skill)
1.     Collaboration - through group work
2.     Communication – through oral presentation with the language of science
3.     Commitment – delegated role in group research and timely submission of homework
4.     Critical thinking – through completion of homework and classroom inquiry
5.     Intellectual curiosity – through classroom participation, experimentation and inquiry
6.     Courage – through sharing of personal views in videos
II. Assessment
a. Summative Assessment

Mini performance task

b. Formative Assessment
1.    Worksheets

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